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"Stand fast therefore in the liberty, by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of  bondage."

Galatians 5:1







You need immediate monthly cash-flow improvement (without having to find NEW money to get the program started!)

You need immediate guidance and help in handling collection calls!

You need a realistic assessment of your overall situation.
You need an honest disclosure of what will be required of you (without a second job!)
You need a well-designed consolidation technique of Cash Accumulation, Debt Negotiation, and Debt Settlement.
You need a debt settlement company that can convince your creditors that what is in your best interests is also in their best interest.
You need a debt settlement company that knows how you feel, that you can trust, that will “go the extra mile” to help you complete the program and succeed in becoming debt-free (and happy!) again.

You need a client-service staff that can be flexible with the financial “bumps in the road” you know are going to happen during the program.

You need a debt settlement program that can be completed within a reasonable period of time. 
You need a company that has a plan for continued regeneration and strengthening of your financial profile after all your unsecured debt is settled. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to get all this AND a company that made their compensation directly proportional to how much money they saved you?  Freedom Financial law has the program and people to do all this for you.\


Summary of a Debt Settlement Program

A frank and realistic review of your monthly cash-flow budget determines what you have to work with, and how you can immediately make modest changes to free up cash-flow for your program. Usually, this frees up monthly cash for you, so you are more comfortable in making ends meet. Immediately your sense of comfort and confidence makes life in the family better.


Then, we calculate what amount of debt settlement deposit you can make to your trust account each month to accumulate funds for settlements. We review how your income may be going up or down in the future, and set your program term for 24-36 months. Again, no NEW money is required. All our clients choose to use the “debt service” funds they have previously been (unsuccessfully) trying to manage their debt with. Of course, your settlement trust account funds are kept in a federally insured bank account, and you receive monthly statements showing all transactions on your account and balance of funds available for settlement.


When creditors call to inquire of your new debt elimination plan, all contact and responsibility for communicating with and working with these creditors is assumed by Freedom Financial Law’s professional and experienced  negotiation staff. Due to the heavy-handed collection tactics of creditors, animosity always arises, so clients are not asked to “help” at all with negotiations. You have a life to live, a family to care for, and we leave you free to concentrate on that, and making a living.


We can teach a professional to negotiate, but no one can teach experience, and no one can buy the established reputation of honesty and trust that our negotiation staff has slowly cultivated over years and years of working with the same creditors over and over again. Because of this trust, our negotiation staff can often work out short-term payment plans on your larger debts, and still obtain the 50-75% discount of the amount owed!


Overall, our negotiation staff has the experience and the relationship with the credit industry so that we can persuasively plead your hardship situation to the creditors. In doing this, we are able to demonstrate that what is in your best interest is also in the creditor’s best interest.


Also, our negotiation staff knows that the creditor does not want a “government run” settlement (that is, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan). The creditor recognizes that our technique is like a “privatized” Chapter 13, but without all the negatives (eg. 5 year administration of small payments, attorney fees, ruined credit).


Also, should additional legal representation be needed on a local level, as a member of the Christian Legal Society, we have reference to trusted attorneys that agree with us (and our client) in spirit and philosophy of the work we do.

Our negotiation fees are: 25% of the amount we save you off your debt. So, we do not make any money from these fees if we don’t save you anything. The more you save, the more we make. Our compensation is directly tied to our performance, as it should be. Besides our spiritual philosophy, that provides a practical motivation for us to do the very best for you, and that usually results in elimination of your debt (fees included) for about 65% of your debt.




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