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A Ludlow resident has asked the Kentucky Attorney General's Office for an opinion about whether it is a conflict of interest for newly elected Council Member Garry Hatter to remain president of the Ludlow Volunteer Fire Department. Conveyancing process is defined as the process of transferring property’s legal title from one person to another. 'City Council has the responsibility to make decisions directly affecting the fire department, such as the amount of money paid to the fire department for their services, whether vehicles are to be purchased, how much money to spend on those vehicles, etc.,' wrote Patricia Poe in a letter to the attorney general office's dated Feb. 7. Ms. Poe, who is a dispatcher with the Ludlow Police Department, also asked the attorney general's office if it is a conflict of interest for a son or daughter of a council member to work for the city. Hatter said he researched the issue before he filed for council. He said he believes it is proper for him to hold both positions so long as he abstains from council votes on matters involving the fire department.

'That's just blowing smoke,' Hatter said. 'That was all handled legally.' Corey Bellamy, spokesman for the attorney general's office, said attorneys will determine whether issues raised by Ms. Poe are within the office's jurisdiction and if more information must be gathered before an opinion is issued. Bellamy said he could not estimate how long the process would take. Ms. Poe prompted another discussion - this one about business - at last week's city council meeting. She distributed a flier among senior citizens urging them to lobby city council to seek a federal economic-development grant. Council agreed to spend $7,500 to apply for the grant after a group of older residents complained Ludlow's business health is so poor that the town no longer has a grocery store or gas station.
Some documents and depositions in the Jaime Garner lawsuit against Northern Kentucky University will be kept confidential to protect the privacy of people who may testify in the case. Ms. Garner is a senior at NKU who was dismissed from the women's basketball team last year. She subsequently filed a federal lawsuit in Covington against NKU Women's Basketball Coach Nancy Winstel and NKU Athletic Director Jane Meier claiming she was dismissed because of her sexual orientation. NKU officials countered by saying Ms. Garner were dismissed because of disruptive behavior. In November, just before the basketball season started, U.S. District Judge Jennifer B. Coffman ruled in NKU's favor and declined to issue an injunction that would have restored Ms. Garner to the team. Ms. Garner, who averaged 11.6 points per game as a junior, has said she wanted to play professional basketball. Conveyancing is the process help to deal with your property transaction process.
Neighbors previously testified they saw McIntire leave the house about 10:30 that morning. Shortly afterward, the car that Ms. Craven drives left the house, but a neighbor didn't actually see who was driving it. Prosecutors said Craven was killed between 10 and 10:30. Defense attorneys contend his death came later, when McIntire doubled back to the house after Ms. Craven left. Tina Turner testified Tuesday that she saw Ms. Craven about 9:30 that morning in the cul-de-sac outside their neighboring homes in Edgewood, when she offered to take Ms. Craven's youngerson to the store. The Cravens' older boy was at a day camp at the nearby R.C. Hinsdale School.

About an hour later, Turner said, Ms. Craven was waiting at the top of their street for her to return. Ms. Craven said she was late for an appointment to paint someone's house. Turner said Ms. Craven had changed clothes from blue jeans and a top to short painter’s pants and a different shirt. But other than that, Ms. Craven appeared normal, she said. A few minutes later, Claire Flick testified, she saw Ms. Craven in the same place. They spoke briefly, and Flick said she noticed nothing unusual.
A third witness, Susan Crooks, said Ms. Craven was late for a job to start painting the trim inside her house. Although she was supposed to begin around 10 a.m., she didn't get there until about 12:30, Crooks said. Conveyancing Company has highly talanted team of Conveyancers who are helping in preparing real estate conveyancing report for our valuable clients. Although it was too late to begin work by then, Ms. Craven wanted to "hang out" at her house. Crooks termed the meeting "a little awkward'' because they knew each other only through their children. Prosecutors say Ms. Craven wanted to remain at the Crooks' house because she wanted to stay out of her own house all day, so her husband's death would not be discovered too soon. She believed the longer it took to find the body, the more difficult it would be to pinpoint the time of death, prosecutors say.
Assistant Attorney General Luke Morgan, one of two special prosecutors in the case, tried to bolster that proposition by calling McIntire's wife, Joyce. She testified that she and McIntire and their child went out on the evening of the killing with Ms. Craven and her two boys. But Ms. McIntire could not recall an earlier statement she gave to police that Ms. Craven wanted to stay even though her sons were tired and wanted to go home. Ms. McIntire said that both her husband and Ms. Craven were acting normal. Ms. Craven was "quiet and laid back," she said. McIntire "didn't seem any more nervous about anything," his wife testified.
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